Atlanta Junk Removal

Proudly Offering Junk Removal Services in Atlanta, GA

“Atlanta’s Junk Removal Authority!”

The Atlanta Junk Removal industry needs an honest and affordable hauling crew on duty and ready for dispatch. Serving as “Atlanta’s Junk Removal Authority” here in the Southeast, the word on the streets is to call The Junk Squad when you have to deal with a Junk Removal Emergency, or known by the guys on the squad as ATL-JRE.

The Junk Squad removing old wood and construction material from an Atlanta residential junk removal job.

Other junk removal company’s quit working at 6pm when the dumps and landfills close, but not the guys on The Junk Squad. We understand that many people have day jobs and do not have time to take the day off, especially when it’s just to get rid of their junk.

That’s why we remain open after regular work hours and will work around your schedule. We have taken an oath to serve and protect the planet and if we have to undercut the entire competition then so be it!

Our schedule doesn’t revolve around the dump, and for a good reason too! The dump is the last place on earth, aka “OUR PLANET”, that we will ever want to dispose of junk.

How We Do Atlanta Junk Removal Differently

Load after load of perfectly good salvageable items get tossed away each and every minute, never to be heard of again. These items are what we are in business for.

We have the necessary means to avoid a visit to the dump in-between every junk hauling job we do for our community. This is because The Junk Squad Home Base is built for sorting trash from treasure. Our lots are equipped with multiple large size recycling bins and storage containers specifically organized with charitable items prepared for donation.

Eco-friendly Junk Removal Operations (Green Ops)

We take the time to sort through each load of junk we haul away from your home of office in order to salvage as much as possible. Junk Removal Company’s have fallen into the habit of disposing their junk loads as quickly as possible in order to squeeze as many jobs in as possible. The dump is always on the back of their mind but our mission requires the dump to stay on the forefront of our thoughts at all times.

Conscious junk removal takes conscious minds. Rest easy knowing the fact the The Junk Squad is on duty. Our professional, respectable and well groomed squad will arrive on time and remove your unwanted items responsibly.

Removing unwanted items is not the end of the job for The Junk Squad. We also take our obligation to protect the environment seriously by hauling all junk back to our Home Base to be sorted and stored before we dispose of any waste, trash, junk and debris. If we have clothing or household goods that can be re-purposed or reused we donate to a local charity of your choice. This is our commitment to our community. The guys on The Junk Squad are all local Atlanta residents and we are dedicated to serving our community, neighbors, friends and family.

Don’t let junk ruin your life. Call us and let’s schedule a time to relieve you of your junk burden. We will immediately dispatch our Junk Removal Squad to help you clean up your clutter, trash and debris. Imagine the freedom you will have with a clean house and a clean frame of mind.

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