Property Clean Outs

Full Property Clean Out Services We Offer

Attic Clutter

Years of unwanted or unneeded items can be removed from your attic and loaded into one of the JUNK EATERS for removal. Allowing you the luxury of  time and space to do things that are important to you.

Basement Clean Out

Basements tend to fill quickly with excess items such as couches, mattresses clothes and almost any other items you can think of. The Junk Squad will remove, dispose and or recycle all of your basement debris.

Crawlspace Clean Outs

Do not let your house be a victim of neglect. Lets face it, know one wants to crawl around in a hot tight crawlspace when the A/C upstairs is working fine. Crawlspaces accumulate large amounts of trash over time and some of this trash can damage or destroy your homes vapor barrier. Making your house vulnerable to moisture damage which can then lead to rot and bugs.  Our crew will crawl, scurry, hop and jump through your crawlspace to remove all potentially damaging materials form underneath your home or office. The Junk Squad gives you piece of mind.

Garage Clean outs

No problem. Garages have a tendency to accumulate large stacks and piles of items which often times leaves the homeowner overwhelmed with the task of managing the mess. This mess that has taken years to compile can be attacked and removed from the location in a matter of minutes by the Junk Squad.

Job Site Clean-up

To many jobs and not enough time to clean? Not a problem when you have the Junk Squad junk removal company. The crew will clean up all of your construction debris and related materials ( Concrete, wood, glass, drywall, paint cans, brick, mortar, steel, trees)  Leaving your job site as clean as when construction began. Your employees time is valuable and all of their efforts help build your business and reputation so do not waste good money and talent on cleaning up job sites.  Let the Junk Squad save your company costly time and money.

Job Site Inventory Removal

Extra building materials after job completion? With the Junk Squad junk removal your excess job site materials can be re-delivered to your supply house and reduce your delivery fees.

Old files and Paper Work

We destroy files- That is right – we will drive your location, lift, haul and dispose of your unwanted file and documents safely and efficiently. After the documents are shredded the crew will recycle the paper so you don’t have to worry about your environmental footprint and we can all pitch in to do our part as team for mother earth.

Yard Debris

You’ve done the hard part now let us get rid of the debris. Do not wait weeks or months for the city or county to remove your unwanted yard debris (Leaves, fallen trees, limbs, old shrubbery, landscaping materials and block).