The Atlanta Junk Squad will salvage, re-use, recycle, donate, or refurbish any and everything we possibly can to help reduce landfill waste. As professional junk removers it is our responsibility to properly manage the disposal of your unwanted waste. This means it is our duty to recycle as much as we possibly can to help save the environment.

The Atlanta Junk Squad NEVER overlooks recyclable items simply because it’s easier to just toss in the dump. We ALWAYS sort through all junk while we are loading it on to the truck and set it aside in one of our recycling bin containers to be dropped off at a local recycling center. If that’s not enough, we sort though all the junk again before disposing of it in the landfill just to double check that nothing was missed during our fast and efficient removal of your junk.

Rest assured that the Atlanta Junk Squad can and will recycle, donate, re-use, re-furbish, and re-America your re-useable junk at any cost! Even if it means we have to go out of the way to make an extra stop. All it takes is a little effort to help our planet and we are definitely setting the standard high!