Our Squad

Keith English

Lets face it this guy hates junk! Everywhere he goes he removes debris and junk from peoples homes and offices. Some say he was ask to clean out the basement at the White House but when asked Mr English is quoted as saying, “I never heard of such a place. God Bless America.”

As  a small child growing up in the landfills of south Georgia Keith knew early he was destined to make a living in Junk. I mean this guy will drive to Texas if it means the place will be clean. Texas has a motto that says “Don’t mess with Texas” well this is only because when Keith visited once for a a couple days and state was ranked one of  cleanest states in the county. Mr. English still says that Time magazine must have had a misprint because it was to him it was the cleanest places in the world.

Now as a self made thousand-air Keith spends his days cleaning up the mean streets of Atlanta. Ridding the metropolitan area of junk, clutter, debris, and just plan trash. Keith vows to remove junk from every house, office, garage, basement, shed and igloo in the greater metropolitan area. No job to small and no job to big for this workaholic.


Jason Brown

Jason is the Filthiest Animal of them all! He keeps his hands dirty running the day to day operations as well as managing the marketing and promotions department. But he wasn’t always this down and dirty, graphic and web designer turned junk wrangler, Jason used to never leave his computers side. Now he feels he doing the work of the  people by helping eradicate the metro area of junk, clutter and household/office unwanted goods..