Neighborhood Watch Program

Sign up for our Neighborhood Watch Program. It seems like every community has the one neighbor who is to busy to get to the nitty-gritty of maintenance on his or her home. That why it is up to you to help. Make the call that can change someone you care a bout’s life. The only call that can alleviate years of clutter and debris from the lives of those you care about in a matter of hours. The Junk Squad provides an opportunity to clear not only the physical space from clutter but the mental confines that years of junk cause such as restricted space, health related issues from dust ,mold and bacterias can cause. As a neighbor its you responsibility to help protect those you care about and those closest to you that may not realize they have a problem. That where the Neighborhood watch program can help. One of The Junk Squads representatives will delicately and respectively approach the person or persons in question and help them understand the need to remove the unneeded debris before health related issues result.