The Atlanta Junk Squad Junkmobile, The Junk Eater! The Junk Eater! The Atlanta Junk Squad Junk Removal Junkmobile.

Atlanta’s Junk Removal Authority

Customer Debriefing:

Welcome to our base camp! The Junk Squad is Atlanta's premier junk and debris removal service, covering metro Atlanta and all of it's surrounding areas and neighborhoods.

The Junk Squad has sworn to serve and protect American Families from junk build up and to dispose of the corrosive clutter in an environmentally responsible way!

Rest assure that when the Junk Squad is on duty, all of your junk problems can and will be eliminated in a swift and orderly fashion, allowing you to focus on the more important things life has to offer! LEARN MORE ยป

Junk Squad Dispatch

Dispatch the Atlanta Junk Squad today! We will personally pay you a visit, provide you with a FREE Estimate, and perform a swift and covert removal of all your unwanted junk items that day... Learn More >>

Telephone Dispatch

Call the Junk Squad Hotline to schedule an appointment by phone and a Junk Squad representative will be happy to assist you.

Online Dispatch

Book an appointment with the Junk Squad online to schedule an appointment with a friendly Junk Squad representative.

Green Ops Eco-Disposal

Our Green Operations go beyond industry standards. If we can salvage, re-use, recycle, donate, or refurbish your unwanted junk, WE WILL. Help reduce landfill waste and call the Atlanta Junk Squad today... Learn More >>


Responsible junk removal begins with recycling. It's our duty as junk removers to dispose of unwanted items in an environmentally safe way.


The Junk Squad want to help reduce Atlanta's carbon footprint by donating to centers such as Goodwill and The Salvation Army.