Removal Process

How Our Junk Removal Process Works

The Atlanta Junk Squad caters to Metro Atlanta and it’s surrounding areas. Our clients and customers always come first, because the Junk Squad Crew has taken an oath to serve and protect! It’s our duty to rid the world of clutter, one household at a time.  So, to get a better understanding of how our junk removal process works, we will break it down step by step. If any questions or concerns remain, please feel free to contact us at any time and one of our friendly and knowledgeable squadron representative will be glad to assist you. You may call us at 770.609.5685 or by visiting our Contact page.

How It’s Done, The Down and Dirty Way!

  • How it Works  Search Our Coverage Areas: Schedule online or by phone,
  • How it Works  Dispatch a Junk Removal Unit: After scheduling an appointment, The Junk Squad will prepare for dispatch, and never stand up a date!
  • How it Works  Dispatch: On the day of our scheduled visit the Junk Squad Junk Removal Crew will place a courtesy call to confirm the appointment and we will arrive on time as scheduled.
  • How it Works  Get a Quote: Upon arrival, one of our Uniformed “Junk Squad” Professionals will assess the junk to be removed and deliver a FREE ESTIMATE on-site.
  • How it Works  Agreement: Once a price is negotiated and settled, the Junk Squad will do what we do best, get down and dirty eliminating your junk.
  • How it Works  Junk Removal: Once we start loading up your junk, we won’t quit until the jobs done! And we always work in a timely fashion so you can remain on your schedule too!
  • How it Works  Departure: After it’s all said and done, we will supply you with a complete service receipt to keep for your records. Then we head off to dispose of the junk responsibly.
  • How it Works  Responsible Disposal: Once The Junk Squad leaves, you can be assured that your junk will be disposed of, donated and/or recycled in an Environmentally Safe manor.