Introducing the Atlanta Junk Eater!

Say hello to the Junk Eater!


Introducing the Atlanta Junk Squad Junkmobile, the Junk Eater!The Atlanta Junk Squad grows stronger as the consumer demand for junk removal increases. It seems as if Atlanta citizens are getting tired of useless waste steadily increasing and slowly taking over their homes.

Almost ever single customer we have visited has thanked us for our efforts to clean up the city in a responsible and environmental safe way. Not to mention helping them once relive a lifelong dream.

For example, to open a craftsmen workshop in their shed which was once filled with junk, or the removal of useless saved items in a garage so they can reunite the band. We even had a woman in Marietta tell us she always wanted to build an ice skating ring in her basement, and she is able to now that all of her families stored junk was removed.

It’s an amazing feeling to know you have truly helped someone pursue their dreams, which brings me to the issue at hand!


Atlanta needs a junk removal company that can handle any scenario…

Due to the high demand for junk removal in Metro Atlanta and it’s surrounding areas, the Atlanta Junk Squad has taken the initiative to step up and purchase the only 20 foot flat bed junk removal truck in Atlanta. We like to call it, The Junk Eater! This junk mobile beast can handle up to 3 times more junk than any of the other wannabees who call themselves junk removers.

OK, we all know that most junk goes straight to the landfill and that most junk removal companies DO recycle what they can. Most do it for the financial gain and other for the community service rewards. But not the Atlanta Junk squad… we do it because we can!

Say we have a full load (that’s bigger than a full sized dumpster) and we only want to unload, recycle, and/or donate the first 1/4 of our truck. Well, since we thought ahead, organizing any and all recyclable/donatable items towards the front of the junk removal truck,we can easily swing by a Goodwill or Salvation Army on the way to the next job and drop off useful items that can be reused by people in need by a matter of minutes, plus we have a full truck load.

Or let’s consider the opposite scenario, and we have 1/4 of our truck filled with non-recyclable items. Plus we have to travel from Midtown Atlanta all the way down to Snellville Gwinnette in 30 minutes. Well that’s simple if you operate the Junk Eater…


Here’s how it works…

We can easily take a full day’s load, if not weeks load to the dump, recycling center, or charitable donation location and perform drop off. The Junk eater not only has a 20 foot long bed with 6 foot tall walls, but individual quarter panels that are removable on each side. This allows us to be the fastest, most responsible, and most reliable junk removal company this side of the Mississippi!

Meet the Junk Eater

The Junk Eater can handle close to 7 jobs per day and still have room for more. This means we, the Atlanta Junk Squad, are the best when it comes to junk removal. We can provide a faster removal of all your junk, make less frequent stops, perform a faster unload of removed junk, and haul 3 times more junk than any other junk removal company in the Southeast. This means we can offer our customers an unmatched junk removal service fully equipped to handle any job and donate and/or recycle at record speed.

What does this do to help you?

Well, cheaper junk removal services. What does time equal? Money! And we’re not talking a few bucks, but a few hundred bucks! With our ability to cut operation cost down to almost nothing the consumer is rewarded by paying almost nothing. We’re not saying it’s going to be free, but we guarantee it will be cheaper than our competitors. Junk removal is a lucrative business, don’t get fooled into thinking 1-800-got-junk is the only service in town, because there not… Not when the Atlanta Junk Squad is on duty!


The Atlanta Junk Squad “Junk Eater” Junk Mobile…

The Facts:

  • 20 Foot Flat Bed Truck
  • 6 Foot High Walls
  • Removable Quarter Panels
  • 6 Liter Diesel Engine
  • Recycling Storage Containers
  • ┬áMulti-job Loading Space

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